Update from Ron Ivie Park City Municipal

Update from Ron Ivie, Park City Municipal


Questar Green Sticker Program  Sept 6, 2007

Ron Ivie, Park City Municipal, gave the following update on Questar’s Green Sticker program. 
Ron has served on a committee for the last three years, to advise the Public Service Commission on Questar’s plan to de-regulate the natural gas being delivered to our homes and businesses. 

If approved, BTU output would be reduced by approx 20%.  Ron has held a position of opposition against changing the natural gas standards.

There was a recent statewide performance audit, which consisted of a random test on 200 pieces of equipment, statewide.  Of the appliances that had already received a Green Sticker, there was a fairly high fail rate, with the overall fail rate at about 20%.  The problem is that comparing the results of the stickered to the unstickered equipment, there was not that much difference in the fail rate.  What the audit found was that there were appliances stickered that were not adjusted properly to the specified range of air to fuel mixture.

Because of the audit’s results, the Public Service Commission has become concerned about allowing Questar to de-rate.  Public Service Commission hasn’t taken a vote.  The vote is likely to happen before the end of November.  Questar may be in agreement not to go forward.

If Questar does not receive approval to de-regulate the gas being delivered, they are still likely to go forward with the Green Sticker program based on the safety it can provide.  The difference is that it will most likely not be a requirement, but a safety recommendation.  This would be supported by Park City Municipal.

According to Ron:
 The Green Sticker program came into being because Questar was going to reduce the BTU content of the gas being delivered.
 Without the proper fuel/air mixture on a gas fired appliance, there can be additional carbon monoxide produced.
 For an appliance that has been properly green stickered, the setting has been calculated to meet a range, for proper burning with the current gas supply as well as Questar’s proposed lower BTU gas supply.
 It is common at our altitude for equipment to be out of the range for proper burning.
 When a piece of equipment is stickered, the settings should be such that the mixture is a little rich for the quality of gas currently being delivered, but within the proper range, as well as in the proper range for the lower BTU content gas that was scheduled to be delivered starting in 2008.
 Anyone performing Green Sticker adjustments should be trained to do so and should have a Gas Certification card.
 There have been known instances where a Green Sticker has been paid for and applied without the equipment being properly evaluated or adjusted. http://www.dcp.utah.gov/downloads/pressrelease/green_sticker_scam.pdf
 Current code requires equipment to be “Stickered” (set for altitude and quality of gas that is being delivered).
 Manifold pressure relative to the gas supply relative to the orifice size sets the efficiency on a piece of equipment.  Equipment, especially in a larger home can be under fired.  If the delivery set up is correct for the current gas supply and if the supply was de-rated (having less BTU’s) the pipe size could then become inadequate.


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