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Questions to Ask Your International Clients

Questions to Ask Your International Clients

1. What kind of visa do they have?

2. How much time do they expect to spend in the US each year? This can have tax consequences.

3. Have they ever purchased property in the USA? If so, where? What kind of property?

4. Where is their money? Is it in the USA or in a foreign bank in another country?

5. Will they need to borrow money?

6. What is the currency of their country?

7. How will they take title? Is it an offshore corporation? You will need an international attorney for this.

8. Do they have an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number)? Used when they have no SSN/

9. Are they represented by a US attorney?

10. Where are they from? What is their culture?

11. Do they understand agency and who represents who?

12. DO they understand FIRPTA (Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Act) and how it might apply to them? Utah has a FIRPTA addendum.


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