Garage Definitions



A Simple House with a Garage

Garages are not considered to be interior living space, and are therefore not counted as part of the square footage of a house. In an appraisal, garages are still measured, and are clearly marked as being garages, which indicates that they are not living space. A detached garage will still be shown on the property sketch.

For this example, we will show how to calculate the square footage of a house that is a simple rectangle with the garage taking up part of the overall footprint within the rectangle. This type of home can be measured with a long measuring tape and does not require the use of specialized measuring tools.

How to Measure a House - Adding a Garage

The size of this house is 760 square feet. We obtained this size by first determining the size of the entire footprint of the house (the rectangle) and then subtracting the size of the garage:

25 ft x 40 ft = 1000 square feet

12 feet x 20 feet = 240 square feet (the size of the garage)

1000 square feet – 240 square feet = 760 square feet





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